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Five New Habits to Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

Do you want to reach your goals faster in the new year? In this article, Kevin Eikenberry shares five new habits that will help you be more successful in achieving goals.

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Read This Before You Attend Your Next Training Session

A letter from someone who cares about your success with advice about how to make the most of training opportunities. Implement these ideas from Kevin Eikenberry and see your return on investment soar.

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The Truth About Influence

The truth about influence is that it`s all about us - and it`s not about us at all. This article from Kevin Eikenberry contains a powerful story about influence.

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What You Must Surrender to Lead Best

Some people equate surrender with weakness. This article from Kevin Eikenberry outlines 5 ways leaders can surrender in order to get the results and relationships they want.

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Eradicate Your Obstacles With This Thinking Game

Generate creative ideas and find innovative solutions by using this sentence starter game to inspire new thinking. Kevin Eikenberry outlines an exercise for brainstorming in this article.

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Kevin's Remarkable Leadership Blog

A Location Change for This Blog

This blog began several months before the publication of Remarkable Leadership – Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time.  While I have continued to write about leadership topics, and plan to for as far into the future as I can see, for a variety of reasons I am changing the blog platform for this […]

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Being the Remarkable Leader You Were Meant to Be

All of us can be leaders. You can be a (Remarkable) leader. I’ve said it, and written it, but I’m not the first (and I won’t be the last – Seth Godin talks about this idea extensively in his new book Tribes). It doesn’t matter what I write, what Seth writes or what we believe. […]

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Are You Judging or Observing?

The other day my son commented that his mother and I were being judgemental. this came after I made a comment about something as we drove down the road. My immediate response was that I wasn’t judging, but making an observation. This led to a spirited conversation in our car about the differences between observation […]

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An Important Project Management Question

Here’s the question: Are you managing your projects, or are your projects managing you? This question is much more than a play on words or a time management query. The question is about planning and focus. It is a question which begs us to put our projects in the proper big picture perspective. Perhaps most […]

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U.S. Presidents on Leadership

In this election season, I decided to share a few quotations from U.S. Presidents about leadership itself. Here’s the one I shared with our Powerquotes list today: “I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay as […]

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Which Presidential Candidate Is the Best Leader?

  There are many criteria we can use to vote for a particular candidate.  I’m most interested in one of those criteria – which candidate, Barack Obama or John McCain, do you feel has the strongest leadership skills? Please share your ideas by voting on our Presidential Leadership survey.  You will have the chance to […]

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